Silver Floral on  Black Chair Rail 94 Inch. Picture 1
Silver Floral on  Black Chair Rail 94 Inch. The main picture.
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Silver Floral on Black Chair Rail 94 Inch
Silver Floral on  Black Chair Rail 94 Inch. Picture 1
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Masterpiece molding is a very special innovative, exclusive product that enables homeowners to apply beautifully finished molding right out of the box. They are sold in packages of 6 pieces of 94 inch molding per box containing 46 feet total length. This Chair rail has a raised scroll floral pattern over an elegant background. It comes in multiple tones black, gray, white, and Wood. While chair rails are conventionally used to break up a wall as a border, normally around waist high, this chair rail can also be combined with the matching crown molding to create a very powerful addition to the room for an even bigger and more dramatic cap to your wall. It comes prefinished out of the box. The homeowner can install at any time with no fair of mess or damage to any existing room decor. It can be easily nailed to the wall with simple finishing nails in which the nails can virtually be hidden by locating the nails into the design elements of the molding and gently nailing or glued. The molding is made of Polystyrene and, as such, is durable, flexible, lightweight, and will never shrink like conventional wood molding. Masterpiece molding by AFD is an innovative solution that will add value and beauty to your home or project, and prior to its creation, the idea of adding such beautifully finished molding would have required many professionals and a very expensive and messy installation.
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