Reward Program

Reward Program

How Does the Rewards Program Work?

The BisonOffice Rewards Program provides a one percent (1%) reward for every dollar spent on qualifying purchases made on the website. For example, if the qualifying purchase amount is $325.11, the rewards amount credited to your account would be total $3.25. Rewards are earned on full-price orders only. Reward amounts are based on the full retail price of qualifying purchases (tax and delivery are excluded), and are earned exclusively by qualifying purchases made online at

Are There Any Limitations to the BisonOffice Rewards Program

Certain limitations apply to the Rewards Program:

  1. Rewards cannot be earned on the purchase of sale and/or discounted items (full-price items only).
  2. Sales tax and/or delivery charges are not included as part of cashback rewards.
  3. Rewards cannot be redeemed in the form of cash, check, money order, or cashier’s check.
  4. Rewards cannot be redeemed in the form of a wire or transfer to a bank account.
  5. Rewards cannot be redeemed as money transfers in the form of digital payments to providers such as PayPal, Venmo, Stelle, Cash App, Google Pay or other digital wallets.
  6. Rewards cannot be redeemed in the form of cryptocurrency.
  7. If a qualifying purchase (eligible to earn rewards) is canceled, any rewards earned for that specific purchase will be canceled as well.

Do my Rewards expire?

Reward amounts expire one year from the date of the most recent qualifying purchase. For example, if an order was placed on 2024-10-1, and there are no new qualifying purchases made, the rewards credited to the account will be voided on 2025-10-01 (one calendar year later). Using the previous example, if an order is placed at any time during this period, any accumulated rewards amount will remain for a period of one year, based on the new, most recent date of purchase

Are there limits to how much money in Rewards can be used?

Customers may apply their accumulated rewards towards any new order. Customers may apply any amount of their accumulated rewards, up to the full amount of their Rewards Balance, but the amount used must be lower (by at least by $0.01) than the total amount of the order that is being placed.