Reward Program

Reward Program

What is Rewards?

BisonOffice Rewards is a rewards program that is available to customers. For every qualifying purchase you make we will give you cash back in Reward Dollars. The amount of money you get back is noted next to the qualifying product.

How can I redeem my BisonOffice Reward Dollars?

You can track your Rewards Balance by logging into your account and clicking the REWARDS BALANCE link.

How do I keep track of my Rewards Balance?

You can apply your Reward Dollars on your next order:

  • Add any in-stock items to your cart.
  • While you are in the CART you will see the reward balance you currently have which you can use for your order.
  • Click on “Use it here” link, and enter the amount of Rewards you want to apply.
  • If the items you added qualify for the Rewards Program the cart will also show how much you get back in Rewards when you place this order.

Do my Rewards expire?

No, there is no expiration date for your Reward Dollars at this time.

Are there limits to how much money in Rewards can be used?

You can use any or all money in your Rewards Balance, but it has to be lower (at least by $0.01) than the total amount of your order.