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Walker Edison Based in Salt Lake City, Utah, Walker Edison started as a small-time furniture company and has grown to be a leading furniture supplier to the biggest names in e-commerce. Our versatile RTA furniture is designed in-house and will bring current trends and styles into your home at an affordable price. Industrial – Walker Edison boasts unique pieces featuring minimalist designs, neutral finishes and metal hardware. Our various mixed material pieces will perfectly complement your urban, architectural style. Mid-Century – At Walker Edison, we love the rounded lines, functionality and timelessness that is Mid-Century style. Crisp corners and a hint of nostalgia make our solid wood pieces ideal for your Mid-Century home. Modern – Walker Edison specializes in forward-thinking trends and simple, contemporary silhouettes. Our white, stone and birch finishes will reduce clutter and provide sophisticated comfort in your home. Farmhouse – A Walker Edison essential – our rustic and French country inspired designs are unequaled if you long for a simpler life, but love modern comforts. Barn door details and reclaimed, weathered finishes will provide cozy and pastoral elements in your home. Boho – Walker Edison mix-and-match pieces will nourish your relaxed, carefree, unique lifestyle. Layer patterns, colors, textures and botanical elements to accentuate your earthy, Bohemian home. Glam – Walker Edison pieces in sparkling metallic finishes exude lush, Hollywood opulence and sophistication. Indulge in jewel tones and faux fur to complement your glamorous style. Regardless of style, Walker Edison Furniture will enable you to customize your home and express your individuality.

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